Getting the right legal support along the way will help your exit process go smoothly. We don’t split our team by stage, so the same lawyers that help startups in the early days also work on exits - meaning we can spot things that might be problems, even early on, and then work with you on the exit itself to get the best result for you and your stakeholders.

When it comes time for the exit itself, we can take a lot of the load off of your key team. From the first approach all the way through to the day that money moves, we can help you with the process as well as the documents. We make sure that you can run the business alongside the transaction, without having to worry about missing a trick or delaying the exit.

CUBE Dataroom: Thinking about your exit? Then take a look at our online dataroom guide or download our handy toolkit here. We cover the key points of focus for an investor during the exit process.



Whether we’ve been working with you for years, or just jumped on board, we can help get your house in order before you start letting buyers in to have a look around. Our team can look at the big issues that might come up, and (if they need it!) help you tidy them up before anyone else sees them.

Or get your key team to sit down for a couple of hours with one of us to go over the process for whatever exit you’re looking at – we can take the mystery out of timetable, steps, and where the key crunch points will be in any type of exit transaction, so you’ve got the insight you need to do the deal with confidence.



The market for IPOs in the UK as an exit route for startups is always changing. As well as working with companies and banks on IPOs, our team stays current on trends and keeps an eye out for possible future developments; so we can give you the information you need in your planning process, to decide if an IPO is an option for you and what markets you might want to look at.

If you want to go public our team can help you all the way through, from your arrangements with other advisers through to getting your listing document right, and the final formalities before your ticker symbol goes live.



From helping you compare and negotiate termsheets to making sure all of the purchase price is properly calculated, our team are experts at every step of the sale process. We regularly advise our clients on sales of companies to strategic and financial buyers, as well as on management buyouts, involving buyers within the UK and outside it.

We know that it’s our experience and insight that set us apart, and our team will always give you advice designed to achieve your objectives in the deal, and never just the “textbook” answer. We will give you as much of a steer as you need, and never make a big deal out of a point that doesn’t matter to you, delivering you the best deal terms we can, as efficiently as possible.


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